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    Everyone is familiar with the data cable phase, it can be seen almost everywhere.How did the data cables come to us? It's time for this unknown story to appear before others.

    In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the data cable during use, a data cable must be the way through these testing equipments.



    HD-B609B-S desktop tensile test machine with PLC controller is professionally specialized in plastic film, composite, soft packaging materials, plastic hose, adhesive, protective film, composite cover, diaphragm, non-woven fabric, rubber, paper and other products of tensile, peeling, tear, bonding, puncture force, pull force and other performance tests.It is an indispensable testing equipment for physical testing, teaching research, quality inspection and so on.

    Hang the data cable vertically on the tensile testing machine to fix it, and hang a heavy object on the tail end, and the hovering lasts for 1 minute. If there is no obvious defect in the appearance of the data cable, no loosening of the connection head, good function, and no bad contact when shaking the interface end, it means the inspection is qualified.




    HD-E702 constant temperature and humidity chamber provides a wide temperature and humidity control range.It is using to simulate severe high temperature, low temperature or damp heat environment. Customer can select suitable models based on performance and test area capacity. 

    It is widely used in various industries, such as electronic instruments and meters, new materials, electricians, vehicles, metals, electronic products, aerospace materials , which may encounter environmental condition during transportation, storage, and in-using.

    Place the data cable in a test chamberfor 8 hours, and then restore it for 2 hours under normal weather conditions. If there is no abnormal appearanceandthe data cable terminal is not corroded, it means the inspection is qualified.


    将数据线放于试验箱中24 个小时。试验完成后取出试件,尽快用清水洗去粘附的盐粒,用毛刷或海绵除去其它腐蚀生成物,使用不含油雾的压缩空气吹干试件,并在常温下回温24h。若数据线端子无腐蚀,检验合格。

    HD-E808 adopts salt spray corrosion method to detect the reliability of the corrosion resistance of the tested sample. One of the test equipment (humid heat, salt spray, mold) is an important test equipment for studying the adaptability and reliability of various environments in the machinery, defense industry, light industry and electronics, instrumentation and other industries.

    Put the data cable in the test chamber for 24 hours. After the test is completed, take out the test piece, wash off the adhering salt particles with clean water as soon as possible, remove other corrosion products with a brush or sponge, blow dry the test piece with compressed air without oil mist, and return to temperature at room temperature for 24 hours. If the data cable terminal is not corroded, the inspection is qualified. If the data cable terminal is not corroded, it means the inspection is qualified.